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We Need More Women's Voices Leading the Way! by Sami M.

Posted on February 24, 2020 at 10:25 AM


This year in our CEL Social Entrepreneurship class we learned about the United Nations Global Goals. Some of these goals are Gender Equality and Zero Hunger. As we were learning this I realized just how many people are struggling in the world and it has taught me so much about all of these goals and what needs to happen by 2030. This is so important because it will make a better difference in the world because the more people who know about the U.N. Global goals means the more people can make an impact and take action.


For our global goals project, I chose to research Gender Equality. I learned that in 2018 only 27% of women held manager positions which I think is crazy because that means that only 27 out of 100 women are in leadership positions. We need more women’s voices leading the way. On, lenders have made 2.8 billion microloans to women, which is good because I plan on lending to a woman so they can build up their business.


When we Skyped with Eli, who works at Kiva, we learned a lot more stuff about Kiva. In Sierra Leone, Africa, Kiva developed an ID fingerprint program to help villagers get loans for their businesses. This fingerprint ID system is the way they identify you to make sure you are the right person. It is a great way to get identification, and Kiva is trying to expand it to more countries and continents so more people have access to banks so they can create businesses.


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