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So how do these two things relate to each other? by Lauren W.

Posted on November 21, 2019 at 10:15 AM

We learned about Kiva and the lives of the Kiva borrowers in our CEL Social Entrepreneurship class. We also dived into the world of the United Nations Global Goals. So how do these two things relate to each other? The Kiva borrowers need loans to help their businesses grow, send their children to school, and for many more opportunities. The Global Goals aim to help the world be a better place, such as No Poverty, Gender Equality, Quality Education, and Climate Action. By loaning through Kiva, we are helping to achieve the Global Goals - and Kiva borrowers are our partners in this, whether they know it or not! Common U.N. Goals that are represented in almost every loan on Kiva are No Poverty because Kiva is helping them get out of poverty by giving them the loan, Gender Equality because women with businesses are often the ones who are taking out Kiva loans, and Zero Hunger because many Kiva loans are made to farmers, who then harvest the crops to feed their families and sell to help other people to get food.

This year, I loaned to a Kiva borrower named Quynh, from Vietnam. She needed a loan of $1,300 to buy acacia tree seedlings and pay the workers that work on her farm. On her farm, she raises poultry and grows trees for industrial use. The Global Goals that I helped support in Quynh’s loan are No Poverty and Gender Equality because she is a woman, Quality Education because she wants to use the profit money to send her kids to school, and Climate Action and Life on Land because she is going to plant trees to help the environment. I have learned a lot about the world through Kiva and this CEL class, and I will always remember these lessons.


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