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Take a peek into our 6th grade Social Entrepreneurship class offered through our SCH Academy Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

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APRIL - Kiva Club re-invests loan repayments...

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Our involvement with Kiva and microlending continues - even after our Social Entrepreneurship courses have ended for the year!  Students from both classes have voluntarily met over lunch time several times to learn about their Kiva lona repayments and to choose NEW Kiva borrowers to re-invest in.  

Our 5th grade students LOVE the idea that once the Kiva borrowers that they originally invested in -- 16 borrowers, in all -- repay their loans, that money goes back into our SCH Team Kiva account and they get to choose even more borrowers to lend to!  They are now up to investing loans to 22 borrowers in just a few months time!

Our 5th grade Social Entrepreneurship students are enjoying this opportunity to make a continuing impact on the lives of Kiva borrowers around the world by investing in their businesses and helping their families.

WEEK 10 - Final Week Reflections

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Students checked on their KIVA borrowers and took some time to reflect on their experiences and learning in the Social Entrepreneurship class. Most of the students are interested continuing their connection with KIVA and their borrowers, so we'll be meeting once a month as a "KIVA Club" to track their loans and re-invest their loan repayments. Here are excerpts from their reflections.

WEEK 9 - KIVA Borrowers and our Team Kiva Loan Profile

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After completing their country research, students determined which countries they wanted to loan to and explored KIVA borrower profiles in those countries. They allocated their $700 earnings over twelve borrowers across five continents with businesses ranging from agriculture, to sewing, to market stores and education. 

WEEK 8 - KIVA Karnival Results & Country Research

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The KIVA Karnival was a success! The Social Entrepreneurs sold out of most of their awesome handmade items: clay animals, clay charms and key rings, decorated journals, snow globes, dict tape wallets and tulip pens, cell phone cases PLUS lots of baked goods and 20 pizzas!  The students also organized a raffle, book sale, face painting, giant connect four and other games!  They earned over $700 to loan through KIVA.

WEEK 7 - Finalize Karnival Plans and Country Research

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The KIVA Karnival will be held on Feb 23rd after school. While presenting info about KIVA and their Karnival at assemblies, the students have been busy creating their handmade items to sell and planning games, activities and food for this special event.  They hope to earn lots of money to lend through  Students also wrote Thank You notes to Ms. Hanson at KIVA Headquarters for Skyping with them.

WEEK 6 - Event Marketing and KIVA Ed

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Students continued their Kiva Karnival marketing efforts while preparing presentations on KIVA and microfinance to feature at the lower school and middle school student assemblies. STudents emailed division heads and planned different presentations to raise awareness and share their learning about KIVA and microloans. They created KIVA displays and flyers.

WEEK 5 - Skype with KIVA & Business Feasibility Reviews

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Jessica Hansen, Education Director at Kiva, generously shared her time to Skype with my current and first trimester Social Entrepreneurship students.  Our Skype with Ms. Hansen was both informational and inspirational!  Ms. Hansen and her colleagues shared how they got involved with Kiva and their thoughts on the amazing impact that Kiva and microfinancing has on the lives of people all around the world! Our students had so many questions - we ran out of time!  

Students also spent time considering the feasibility of their KIVA Karnival project ideas - striving to determine what products and activities would be most effective in earning money to loan through Kiva. Stay tuned for our outcomes!

WEEK 4 - KIVA Karnival Planning & Preparing for our Skype with KIVA

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We've spent this week tweaking our plans for the KIVA Karnival and tweaking our KIVA informational materials to be sure we include significant aspects of we want to be sure to emphasiize to our community:

We're also VERY EXCITED because we'll be Skyping with the Education Director from KIVA, Jessica Hansen - and we're exploring Ms. Hansen's AMAZING Kiva Lending profile and developing questions - in case we get time to ask!  We have LOTS of quesions - and are also glad that our first trimester Social Entrepreneurship will also be joining us! 

WEEK 3 - Exploring & Developing a Marketing Campaign

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In addition to continued brainstorming in our "KIVA Karnival" event to earn money to loan, we are embarking on a multi-pronged marketing campaign as a way to INFORM our school community about and INSPIRE them to become involved and support our efforts.  Our Social Entrepreneur students are working in groups collaborating and creating:

  • presentations for assemblies in our lower, middle and upper school divisions
  • interactive bulletin boards and displays
  • flyers to hang and slideshows to email


WEEK 2 - Brainstorming and Exploring Ideas on KIVA event

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We spent this week exploring ideas on how to earn money to invest in borrowers through  We used Google Forms to  survey student interests and talents and then brainstorm possibilites for special events, businesses and activities to raise money.

2nd Trimester: CEL Social Entrepreneurship Team -- WEEK 1

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We read ONE HEN by Katie Smith Milway - based on a true story of a West African boy who receives a small loan to purchase a hen, flourishes as an entrepreneur and then creates opportunties for others. One Hen was a great way to kick off our exploration of microfinance and community loans! Enjoy the One Hen story here: And visit to learn more...


Students collaborated with their partners to learn about, and microfinancing. They presented to their classmates, teaching each other on a variety of topics including: What is a loan? What is an entrepreneur? What is microfinancing? 

WEEK 12 - Final Week: Review KIVA Lending Profile and REFLECTIONS

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So, all were excited to hear we earned almost $400 and received several KIVA Gift Cards.  We were able to LOAN over $400 to seven borrowers in seven countries! In addition, we voted to make a donation to one of our MS student's favorite organization "Happy Hearts" which builds schools in under-developed countries. @KIVA thanks us for our efforts!

In our end-of-course REFLECTIONS, many of the students expressed interest in continuing to meet once a month over lunch to track their Kiva loan paybacks, stay in tune with borrowers and participate in the re-lending process.  I so appreciate their PASSION!

Some of my favorite quotes from the student reflections:

LILLY says: "Kiva can really make a changes peoples lives..."

NORA writes: "I learned that something very small can make a huge difference."

SOFIA says: "The difference between Kiva and other donation groups is that in Kiva, the loan helps the peron grow their business..."

KALIYANI: "Kiva is a great site and a great way to be a humanitarian!"

SIENNA writes: "Kiva can make a really big difference because some people really need the loans for their homes, education, kids and businesses."

WEEK 11 - Finalize Orders/Deep Dive into KIVA

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Since we only have one more week for this course, we were frantically filling orders and counting up sales so we could move on to next steps. A few businesses were more labor intensive than others - which presented challenges to the students in getting Photo Frenzy orders printed, handwoven bracelets completed and personalized cups delivered! The students were so excited and proud to discover their Market Fair earnings yielded almost $400 -- which leads us to getting back to the http/ website and deciding how to allocate their profits.

We re-visited our global research where we examined economic data and lifestyles across five continents.  The students considered their findings and chose three countries from each region in which they wanted to find potential Kiva borrowers. Delving deep into the website - they worked to identify borrowers and businesses they wanted to LOAN to from their preferred countries.  Engaging in intense exploration of individual borrower profiles, the students were excited to finally be able to vote for who they wanted to allocate loans to and in what $$ amounts. Our Team KIVA Lending profile below reflects their choices:

WEEK 10 - Business Week: Orders/Counting Sales

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Our KIVA-inspired Market Fair was a success.  Selling their wares - handcrafted bracelets, personalized cups, decorated t-shirts, wind chimes and fun photobooth frames - outside the school cafeteria over multiple lunch periods...the girls kept busy taking and filling orders, providing details of their projects and sharing the magic of microfinance and Kiva!

Excited and well-informed, these 5th graders embraced their ability to earn money and engage in social entrepreneurship in simple, yet powerful ways. One student from the Photo Frenzy business table ran across the hall to say she had very important news that her business partners wanted her to come share with me right away! What was the news? "Mrs. d., we counted up our photo orders and we earned over $100 for Kiva already!"