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Take a peek into our 5th grade Social Entrepreneurship class offered through our SCH Academy Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

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Students posts are in progress...

SPRING 18-19: Kiva Market at the Book Fair!

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Our Spring trimester students brought a new level of enthusiasm and creativity to their Kiva Market products!  The girls created beaded bracelets, decorated notebooks and an amazing variety of slime, along with duct tape wallets and more. The boys made handknitted lanyards and keyrings, splatter paintings of our school mascot, stress balls and sold small bags of bulk candy.  In addition, our 5th grade boys worked with Ms. Allen's 2nd grade class to produce original superhero comics and we published their stories in an anthology with our Blue Devil Publishing House - and sold over 20 copies, proceeds of which went for Kiva loans.  Thank you, Ms Allen's 2nd graders- you did a fabulous job!

Their efforts earned them over $600 in sales and - after taking out the cost of supplies - were each able to make their own individual loans to a Kiva Borrower of their choice!

In addition, because of Kiva's amazing loan repayment rate, these students got the chance to loan TWICE in one trimester - once in the beginning of the term using the repayment funds and once at the end of the term with their Kiva Market products sales.

Looking forward to next year with an expanded curriculum - to include the United Nation Development Goals, crafting blog posts, partnering with another Kiva lending team at a different school, as well as tracking our loans, learning more about the founder of microfinance and what role the field partners/MFIs play in the Kiva loan process.

WINTER 18-19: Kiva Market @ACE

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Once again, after a brief introduction to microlending, our students had the opportunity to explore borrower profiles from around the world on and then choose who to allocate loans to -- the loans our students made included supporting borrowers who used the money to purchase inventory to re-sell at their village markets, equipment to transport more harvest to sell at market, sewing machines and supplies to create wearable items to sell and much more!

After reading "One Hen" - the true story of how Kojo's village elders practiced their own version of microfinance to help each family improve their businesses and this increasing their earning power - our Social Entrepreneurship students set about exploring 'small business' ideas on how they could earn money to increase their impact through microlending to Kiva borrowers.

This trimester, students created/sold products and organized several events to earn money. Products included slime, stress balls, hairbands, popsockets,customized Rubik's Cubes, original 'Niji Monsters', airplanes, etc.  The girls held KIVA Markets to sell their wares at lunchtime to upper and middle school students, the boys purchased, packaged bulk candy and sold to students at lunchtime and both groups sponsored a KIVA Market at SCH's after school program: AfterCare & Enrichment. Students earned over $600 at these events - to fund more microloans through and increase the global impact.  Congrats 5th grade Social Entrepreneurs!

Fall 18-19: Kiva Market at the Book Fair

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Our Fall trimester Social Entrepreneurship class began and ended with microloans!  Because we received SO many Kiva loan repayments over the summer, there was enough money in our SCH Kiva Lending Team account for our students to loan a total of $250 to Kiva borrowers around the world!  It was a great way to kick off our course explorations: a deeper dive into microfinance, country research, product research and creation, pricing and marketing ~ preparing for the KIVA Marketplace to be held at our school Book Fair.

Handmade products included purses and scrunchies, headbands and barrettes, original illustrations made into notecards and keyrings, magnets and slime.  Their Kiva Market earned the students over $300 in sales - and, after subtracting the cost of supplies, deposited enough in our Kiva account to make a second round of microloans to ten different Kiva borrowers!

Our 2017-18 Social Entrepreneurship classes

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We've been busy this year hosting KIVA Fairs and KIVA Marketplaces on both campuses - for families and students - to earn money to fund our micro-loans through
Students have created a variety of products, which they have marketed and sold to our school community:
  • headbands
  • slime
  • tye-dye t-shirts
  • fidget spinners
  • tic-tac-toe games
  • notecards
  • original picture books
  • duct tape flower pens
  • abstract art
  • and lots more!
Photos are posted on our media page.  Here's where our KIVA Team lending stands - as of March 2018:


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Our 5th grade boys and girls worked in product teams to create Business Plans for the items they want to sell at their Kiva Market Fair.  They'll receive microloans to purchase any supplies they need and will pay back the loans from their sales. The rest of the money they earn - their profits - will go to make loans to borrowers around the world on through our SCH CEL Kiva Lending Team.

Our KIVA VoiceThread

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Check out our Kiva Skype Voicethread videos on the HIME page to hear what some of our students have to say about what makes unique and special! 

Students reflected on all our learning and discussion about microfinance, entrepreneurs, business and Kiva to voice their thoughts...

Skyping with KIVA's Director of Education & Global Engagement at their headquarters in San Francisco...

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We prepared for our SKYPE with Jessica Hansen, Kiva's Education Director, by brainstorming questions: What are we still curious about how Kiva works? How does the loan repayment work? When did Ms. Hansen hear about Kiva and is she a Kiva lender? Has she met any of her Kiva borrowers?  We were ready with all of these great questions and more...

The SKYPE was a success - and we learned a lot about Ms. Hansen, Kiva loans and Kiva borrowers!

Brainstorming business ideas to earn money to loan to KIVA borrowers...

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Now that our 5th graders understand how microloans and Kiva work AND have explored borrowers and their businesses on - they're now committed to earning money to loan through Kiva AND to educating our school community about our project. 

They've been brainstorming a variety of ways to earn money - from hosting a Kiva Fair to creating products for a Kiva Marketplace to running sports tournaments - and then exploring the feasibility of each proposal...

Exploring KIVA...

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We've spent this last week exploring ~ learning how it uses microfinance to help people around the world: people who don't have access to traditional banks but are smart, hardworking, responsible entrepreneurs who need these small loans to grow their businesses so they can support their families and send their children to school.

Students checked out the borrower profiles on and learned about what countries are under-resourced and what kinds of businesses Kiva borrowers engage in...