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...about the KIVA Karnival we held to highlight our small businesses and earn money to loan through Kiva.org

Our second trimester CEL Social Entrepreneurship class January '16 - March '16:

Preliminary brainstorm on businesses to feature at our KIVA Karnival:

  • ART Studio
  • Make personalized Journals
  • Handmade Headbands
  • Duct Tape Designs
  • Jewelry Jam
  • DJ Disco

Raising Awareness and sharing what we learned with our SCH Academy Community - presenting at assemblies and creating KIVA displays...

Our first trimester CEL Social Entrepreneurship class September '15 - December '15:

Thanks to our local SCH alumni - and friends - for their loans & gifts...
Springside '06 
                                         CHA '12


Other ways you can help US help OTHERS...

*Loan directly to KIVA 
through our TEAM Kiva on www.kiva.org 

*Purchase a KIVA Gift Card & credit to our Kiva team page OR send to:

      [email protected]

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