Welcome to 5th grade CEL class... 

               ...on Social Entrepreneurship!

We learn & practice...  research, finance, 

    presentation, collaboration and digital skills for our

     Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) class...

    ...in a global context of social entrepreneurship and



We research regions of the world...  

    ...with an eye towards identifying countries where 

    people struggle the most with poverty. 

We model microfinancing... 

    ...to the school community as a way to raise funds,       and encourage any local groups, student clubs and

    alums to make small loans to support our small

    business activities/plans. Proceeds from the small  

    business ventures pay back these small loans and 

    all profits are directed to Kiva borrowers. 

We are a lending team in Kiva.org...  

   ...and work to explore and evaluate different types

   of microloans, identify potential borrowers and 

   determine where to allocate our funds. 

We'll track our loan investments 

   ...and see how we make a real-world difference in 

   the lives of people challenged by poverty. 


Hear students share what makes KIVA special...

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